Who We Are

BBS, Inc is a Direct Sales & Marketing firm who looks to hire and train account managers and develop them into future business leaders running branch offices around the country.

Since 2007, BBS, Inc has grown to 13 offices Nationwide with each office being run by a Manager who started in Woburn.

What We Do

BBS, Inc bridges the gap between large Fortune 100 clients and their smaller businesses and customers. We help gain market share through face to face sales & marketing and put the face behind the name for our clients.

By developing future branch managers, we can achieve our goal of continual growth while meeting the growing demands of penetrating new markets for our clients, nationally and internationally.

Awards &

  • Boston Globe “Top Places To Work” 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • Boston Business Journal “Best Places To Work” 2014 & 2015
  • Boston Magazine ‘Best Places To Work” 2012
  • “One of the Fastest Growing Companies in New England”

How We Differ

In addition to being a leading avenue for new customer acquisitions in local markets, BBS, Inc is concentrated on helping the clients expand their product geographically.

Through our entrepreneur in development process, BBS, Inc has developed a training program that supports the necessary growth of the clients we represent. At BBS, Inc we represent leading clientele in the fields of telecommunications and energy.  All of our clients have a determined, and valued interest in product expansion.

Our Team

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